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A Short History of

"Financing on the Baja"


M.C.M. and the FINANCING Process 

Until recently, mortgage loans in Mexico were not available with financing terms that Americans were accustomed to. Real estate financing offered by developers predominantly included high interest rates and payment terms over very short periods, which made loan payments very unattractive. Thus, the vast majority of Los Cabos home purchases by North Americans were all cash transactions which would often require use of all or most of the buyer’s savings, or require sale or leveraging of US assets.

Luckily the mortgage market for US citizens buying in Mexico changed recently. Starting about 2007, financial institutions from the US and Mainland Mexico entered the Los Cabos and other Mexican real estate markets with financing terms that US and Canadian Citizens can now embrace comfortably.  Among the lending institutions currently in the market and lending to Americans and Canadians are GE Money, Laredo National Bank, and BaNorte. Mortgage brokers with expertise in international lending strategies, such as Mexico Capital Mortgage, Conficasa, Platinum Capital and Stewart Financial who can all provide you with knowledge in the Mexican as well as US and Canadian market programs.  

theCABOharrisons have chosen Mexico Capital Mortgage [MCM] to partner with in Los Cabos, to provide financing needs to their clients.    We did this because of MCM's experience in offering creative financing products on the Baja, their professionalism in conducting business and their connections abroad.  

Here is MCM's background:

MCM is a Los Cabos, Mexico based mortgage brokerage offering US dollar loans to US and Canadian citizens for the purchase of homes, condos, raw land as well as new home construction. MCM offers every competitive loan program currently available in the marketplace, funds in all resort destinations across Mexico and does so with the service and expertise of a market leader.

Key relationships with developers, attorneys/notaries and appraisers allow MCM to offer mortgage services unequaled in Mexico. With 5 years experience in the marketplace and hundreds of residential transactions in Mexico in the portfolio, MCM has successfully bridged the gap between promising and providing a reliable cross border product and service.

If you would like to be become pre-approved for purchasing prior to your visit to Los Cabos,  or if you would like to be contacted directly by an EXPERIENCED Los Cabos mortgage specialist, we have aligned ourselves with Mexico Capital Mortgage.


The "process" from A to Z .......... simplified 

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